About Us

THE SUITE: New York Style Bar & Lounge • Cafe

The Suite is Osaka’s most luxurious and hidden Gem in the heart of Americamura.

Opening its doors in October of 2015, The Suite lets guests check out of reality and into a vintage 1920’s hotel Suite room.  Modeled after some of New York’s finest suites, antiques and intricate designs make every aspect of this Lounge, Bar and Café unique.

Daytime at The Suite offers unique lunch sets, coffee, and decadent desserts. As the sun sets, the lights dim and the champagne begins flowing. Offering custom champagne cocktails, martinis, and mixed drinks, The Suite is the perfect night out with friends or that special someone.

Live music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only adds to the ambiance. Perfect for group events, wedding parties, birthdays, and any other occasion where you want to gather with your closest friends and drink champagne until the stars fall from the sky.